Looking Back

Looking back on the trip, its hard to believe and fathom what all we got to do. When I got home to my family, they had to tell me to slow down, because I was talking so fast, but it was only because I had so much to talk about. The trip was such an amazing experience, and such a great honor.  Thanks to the Pearl Market adventure, I made my brother smile from ear to ear when I handed him his gifts. It also was a blast showing my parents all my pictures, and uploading them to Facebook so all my friends could see where I got to go.

It is sad that it is over, but I think China taught all of us great lessons, not just in basketball, but life itself.  It taught us how not everyone’s lives are the same. Learning about another culture was not only interesting, but it brought a new level of respect to the table.  Not being able to communicate, or drink their water, or even use a fork made you realize how different people are.

I would like to thank all who made this trip possible. Especially both schools, with out their relationships we would not have been able to go. I would like to thank Rantao for all his work he did for us, it could not have been easy to please 14 girls! He made the trip so much easier and that much more fun! I also would like to thank Todd for all the great pictures he took, and getting to know him! He is hilarious, and I am glad we got to share this wonderful trip together. Finally I would like to thank all the coaches for making this trip so much fun, and allowing us to work the camps. We all had a blast.

Thank you all for reading the blogs! I really enjoyed this, and hope to do it in the future!

Go Valpo!

Mallory Ladd