What We’ve Been Working On

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Hello, readers!

I thought I would write a quick entry on what exactly it is that Justin and I have been working on over the past few months. This year’s Harish Case Study has proven to be very engaging, and has given us a wide variety of facts and legal arguments to make of them.

Traditionally, the Harish Case Study for each competition year focuses almost entirely on international taxation issues, as the founder of the competition was a leader in income tax law in India. However, this year’s competition problem is more similar to those written for competitions in the United States, actually, and centers on four main areas of international law: international law of war, international criminal jurisdiction, international investment and tax law, and international environmental law.

Because we have such a wide range of issues, Justin and I have spent a lot of time familiarizing ourselves with areas of law in which we did not have much previous experience. International law is a really interesting topic to study because it provides you with a new perspective on how the United States interacts with other states and fulfills its duties as a member of the international community.

I can’t believe we are just four days away from departure! There is so much to pack before then.

Talk to you soon –


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