Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Greetings, readers!

Tomorrow is the big day, I can’t believe it! After months of preparation and hard work, we will finally be departing for Mumbai in the morning. We will take a quick flight to Newark and then take a direct flight from Newark to Mumbai, which will take a little over 15 hours.

I am currently in the process of checking my suitcase several times, just to make sure everything is ready to go. Justin and I spent time today printing off all of the papers and sources that we need to bring with us. All of these little things we need to accomplish before we leave are adding up to one big trip!

I am really looking forward to meeting our fellow competitors and making new friends from law schools around the world. Until then, I had better finish up packing and preparing for tomorrow. Next time I write, it will be from the other side of the world! To our friends, family, classmates and professors that are following along with our journey – thank you, and we hope to bring home a trophy and some sunshine for you upon our return!


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