A Change in Plans

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Hello, readers,

While our intention was to be safely in Mumbai at this very moment, Mother Nature had other plans. We had no issues with our afternoon flight to Newark yesterday, and we were safely boarded and seated for our flight to Mumbai yesterday evening. However, it was evident when the plane turned on its engine, something was not right. After moving away from the gate, we were told by the pilot that we would be returning to the gate for a mechanical error. This was a huge concern, as we heard around the airport that evening that United was canceling all flights past 8:00 p.m. due to the impending snowstorm.

We returned to our gate and were not given much information over the next two and a half hours, until a flight attendant finally came on and made an announcement that our flight was cancelled. Obviously, this was hard to hear, as we knew that we would be very likely to miss part of the competition because of the cancellation. United set us up with a hotel near the airport for the night, and a flight scheduled out of New York’s JFK airport for this afternoon.

Due to a (rather large) bagging snafu on United’s part, we realized there was no way we would make our afternoon flight at JFK. United worked with us to get us on the same time of flight tonight that we were originally supposed to take last night. Thankfully, the organizers of the Harish competition were flexible and are allowing us to miss the day of orientation events due to these unforeseen circumstances. Our flight tonight will get us in late Thursday night, allowing us to be there for the first round of competition Friday morning. We could use some fingers crossed, prayers and all around well-wishes to ensure this all goes as planned! Along with that, I know all of us could use some extra sleep right now as well :) Hopefully, the next location I will be writing from will be Mumbai! Until then, take care and stay warm in the cold and snowy Valpo weather.



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