Results After Day 1

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Hi, readers!

I am happy to report that I did get a few hours of sleep after I last wrote, and even got a nice nap this afternoon! As a team, we are somehow adjusting pretty well to this completely different time zone.

Our first preliminary round was bright and early this morning, and we were the Applicant against an Indian team. They seemed young, but knew their arguments well. We were excited when the judges announced that we were the winners of the round! We then took the time to go on the trust visit, which allowed us to meet the Harish family, the namesake of the competition. Their law offices were very nice and we were able to see a great view of the bay and the city skyline on the bus ride there. We then enjoyed a nice lunch of India’s take on Mexican food – it was so good! It tasted very similar to the Mexican food that can be enjoyed in Valpo, except it was much more flavorful. We moved on to our second preliminary round against a team from Sussex in the U.K. We had spent time talking to them earlier today and they were so nice. We were the Respondent that round, and were again happy to be declared the winners! The English team was very congratulatory and we were even able to introduce them to Twizzlers, which they had never tried before :) Dinner was provided on Government Law College’s outdoor terrace, which was really nice. The weather, of course, has been absolutely beautiful, so it was a perfect time to be outside. The food was great, once again.

After dinner, the first round of results were announced. I am happy to say that we are ranked 4th going into the octo-final rounds tomorrow! The three teams ahead of us are all Indian teams. There are actually only three non-Indian teams left in the competition – us, a team from the U.K., and a team from Kenya. We are really excited and looking forward to tomorrow. We got some good feedback today, as well as some hard questions that will help us with our arguments moving forward. We face two Indian teams in back-to-back octo-final rounds tomorrow, and thankfully we drew both an Applicant and a Respondent, so we will get to argue both sides.

One of the organizers of the competition approached us after results were announced and said that we were “legends” for arriving a few hours before the competition, running on no sleep, dealing with jet lag/travel problems/time changes, and still having a successful day nonetheless! Obviously this was a great compliment, and I know we all sincerely hope this will continue as the weekend progresses.

Time to get some shut eye for another early round of competition tomorrow. Talk to you soon!



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