What an Amazing Week!

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Good evening, readers!

After a 16-hour flight from Mumbai to Newark, followed by a rush through customs and the flight back from Newark to Chicago, our team arrived home around noon. All of us were exhausted, even after trying to get as much sleep as possible during our flights. Despite how jet-lagged I am and how much homework there is to stay busy with, I still cannot get over what an amazing time we had in India!

Every person at the D.M. Harish Competition was incredibly kind, gracious and hospitable. We were asked so many different times if we were enjoying Mumbai and if our accommodations were sufficient. It is amazing how a group of students, all around 18 or 19, ran an entirely flawless and fun moot court competition! We made so many new friends from around the world that I’m sure we will keep in touch with. It was not even so much of a competition as it was a camaraderie of law students, a unique instance of how moot competitions can bring everyone together if done well.

I could not have asked for a better week or stay in India. The few precious hours we were able to go out and sightsee (and shop!) were absolutely gorgeous. India is a beautiful country and a beautiful culture. I will always look back on this trip as a fond memory and the opportunity of a lifetime for which I couldn’t be more grateful.

Before we left, the competition organizers stressed how much they hope to see us back next year, and were sure to let us know that Valparaiso Law has a special place within the competition. It is incredible to be part of an organization that has an impact and honorable reputation around the world. With that, I leave you with some pictures of our trip. (Unfortunately, I did not get many – we were so busy!) Until Harish 2015, thank you so much for following along with our journey, readers!

Signing off from Valpo,





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