The 1910’s

The earliest record of marching band or pep band at VU comes from the 1911 yearbook where a marching band performed for a baseball game on April 15. The following spring, the University Band performed on April 13, again, for a baseball game. By 1914, the University Band had expanded to perform for baseball games and track meets. That year Sousa’s marching band also paid a visit to the University. G.N. Green was a member of the marching band in 1916. He played the cornet and was a pharmacy major.

In 1917, the University Band named its first student director, G.W. Lloyd Plette, a pharmacy major who directed the band for three years. There were four other pharmacy majors marching in the band that year; Charles Bitowski, Ariel Mulford, Earl Whittington (who played the bass drum), & Eckford Summer. The band marched for an annual five mile run on Thanksgiving Day. They also led a parade to honor President Wilson when his train stopped in town for a visit.

The marching band continued to play for the Thanksgiving Day five mile run and added basketball to their performance schedule in 1918 upon the completion of a newly constructed gym. Two pharmacy majors, R.T. Echols & Henry Elvig, were members of the band that year.