The 1960’s

In 1960 the University Marching Band performed for football games and called students out of class for the Homecoming Pied Piper parade. They became a concert band in the spring. Twenty-seven students graduated including: Raymond Hall & Dieter Nickel (Law), Richard Fujii, John Krone, band president Alan Pretzel, & Stanley Woell (Mechanical Engineering), Kathleen Brockman (Business & Economics), Nancy Bruncke, Joan Koehler, Jane Meyer (Elementary Education), Grace Burgdorf (Religion & Social Work), Judith Busch (History & Biology), Marilyn Doege (Government), Barbara Eden & Sue Muenchow (Business), Jack Geistlinger (Philosophy), Phyllis Germeroth & drum major Marvin Smith (Math), Fred Hartfelder (Business Administration), John Holmes & Frank Szynalski (History), Beverly Koehler & Pamela Wiedenheft (Music Education), Chester Krage (Physics), Marlene Peterson (Biology), William Swift (Economics).

The Marching Crusaders kicked off their 1961 season three days after school started with a trip to Ft. Wayne for Valpo football vs. Ball State. After that, they performed half time shows at home football games. They marched around campus calling students out of class for Homecoming weekend. On October 22, the band sponsored High School Band Day. Four high school bands joined the Marching Crusaders participating in pre-game and performing short half time shows. Only 16 seniors graduated that year including: Ila Bovee & Janet Hohnbaum (Biology), John Graebner (Physics), Laurie Gruenbeck & Donald Williams (Religion), Lois Hamann & John Vogel (Music Education), Martin Knorr (Economic & Geography), Jo Monk & Kathryn Zersen (Elementary Education), Margaret Quoos (History), Jan Spaeth (Math), Judith Tangermann (Spanish & English), band president Carl Werth & Sidney Zabel (Business), & Sandra Wrede (English).

In the fall of 1962, the Marching Crusaders Band performed for football games under the direction of drum major Stuart Richter. They marched around campus calling off classes for Homecoming weekend. The 70 members were selected from the two other bands on campus. In the spring, the Varsity Band performed for basketball games. Santa was the guest director for a game near Christmas. That year for the first time, the basketball team made the NCAA regional playoffs. They beat Kentucky State, Concordia, and River Forrest to win the Great Lakes Regional Championship to advance to the NCAA national tournament in Evansville. University classes were canceled and the band traveled with the team for the duration of the tournament. After baskeball season was over, the Varsity Band performed for Spring Festival and played several open-air concerts. Seniors included Bernard Jahn (Civil Engineering), Frederick Nordbrock (Electrical Engineering), Helen Beckman (Religion), David Blakemore & Wilma Chrien (Government), Catherine Buechner & Dianne Holzinger (Elementary Education), Philip Draheim & Sandra Lee (Business), James Found (Music Education), William Frank (Chemistry), Norma Harms (Math), drum majorette captain Janice Hemminghaus, Gertrude Lebrecht (Physical Education), Shirley McCrone (Social Work), Gary Meier (Government & Business), Mary Newland (History & English), & Edward Schmidt (Art).

Under the direction of Norman Hannewald the band remained active in 1963. In the fall the Marching Crusaders Band performed under the direction of drum major Stu Richter (a senior English major). They played a western themed half time show, complete with gun, bow, and arrow formations. The band was featured both at pre-game and half time during the games. They took one trip DePauw for a football game. The Varsity Band took over for basketball season under the direction of Mr. Hannewald and several student directors. They also performed two open-air concerts in the spring. The band lost 26 seniors at graduation; Gary Avery (Government), Jerry Borman (Biology), Rolando Chilian, Nels Lundberg, & Lucille Melinat (Music Education), Edith Eddleman & Lana Schwartz (Social Work), Carol Erdmann (Religion & English), John Friedmann (Government, Math, & Physics), David Haas (History), treasurer Hazel Harper, Karen Junker, & Jo Weydemann (Elementary Education), Janice Hartman & Rhoda Rasmusson (Religion), Karen Hein, Mary Struve, & Richard Witte (Business), Judith Jackson & Arleen Norden (English), William Jacobs (Biology & Chemistry), Valerie Sajeck (English & Sociology), William Steffen (Chemistry), Barbara Yost (Physical Education), Michael Householder (Civil Engineering), & Gary Scott (Electrical Engineering).

The Marching Crusaders Band dismissed classes at 10am on the Friday of Homecoming in 1964. They played for football games and then the Varsity Band took over for basketball. Both bands were directed by Norman Hannewald. Thirty-five seniors graduated; secretary Margie Affeldt, Carol Beeskow, Kathleen Harber, & Sharon Kohler (Elementary Education), Ree Arnold (Physical Education), Frederick Bernthal (Chemistry & Math), Yvonne Buckman (Religion), Mary Buerkle (Music Education), Charles Burger, David Caston, Daniel Deutsch, & Richard Tipton (Business), Marcia Cook & Delbert Timper (Spanish), Janet Emhoff (Latin & English), Larry Hendricks, George Johnson Jr., & Theodore Mesh (Government), Glenn Hersch (Music), twirler Carol Johnson (Home Economics), Alan Julseth (German & English), Carol Kruetner (Latin), Susan Moody (English & Business), Fred Needham (Math), William Rock & Karen Techlin (English), Ardis Schmidthuber (German & Sociology), Barbara Schroeder (English & Sociology), Donald Spaeth (Chemistry), Arlene Steiner (Sociology), Richard Trimble (Math & Physics), Mandy Weikum (Social Work), Kenneth Fuhrmann & James South (Electrical Engineering), & Everett Evans (Mechanical Engineering).

On Friday, October 16, 1965 at 10:30am, the Marching Crusaders Band traveled around campus dismissing students from class for Homecoming weekend. Their half time show, performed at home football games, was entitled “Let Me Entertain You.” The Varsity Band performed for basketball games. Director, Professor N. Hannewald, lost 18 seniors that year including: James Adolphson (History), August Carlson, Linda Cutter, & Carol Hubert (Elementary Education), Ronald Franklin (Sociology & Chemistry), Evangelynne Glabe & Robert Graebner (Biology), Doraine Goedde & Marilyn Sorenson (Math), Wayne Leupold (Music), Joan Lundin (Theology), Margaret Mehl (German & English), Frank Morath (Economics & Business), Janet Sekki (Psychology & Math), William Hovey & Donald Parks (Business), & Barbara Stuhr (English).

Professor N. Hannewald continued as the director of bands in 1966. The Marching Crusaders Band performed for football games. They sold candy bars that fall to raise money to purchase some badly needed new uniforms. The Varsity Band took over for basketball season. Twenty-one seniors graduated that year including: Stephen Atwater, James Beyreis, David Camann, Nancy Denig, Eileen Gran, Ruth Helmkamp, president David Hildebrand, Jon Huegli, David Hvam, Kenneth Kastmann, Richard Kauzlarich, David Lembke, Wayne Leupold, Virginia Likeness, Larry Saler, Frederick Schreiner, Don Schroeder, Michael Stefanik, Diana Stuhr, & Robert Thoden.

The marching band and pep band added much to university events in 1967. Senior David Mueller was the student director of the pep band. Other seniors included: William Schack, Ann Schoenbeck, John Sedore, John Siebert, Robert Smith, Carl Thomsen, Richard Wamhoff, Gary Wischer, & Susan Wooden.

Seniors in 1968 included: Bernard Augenstein, Cathy Christainer, Judy Crum, Emmert Dannenberg, Ron Dunbar, Edwin Eich Jr., Craig Filip, Susan Grier, Patricia Huge, Mike Hunt, Allan Jacobs, Janice Priebe, Virginia Schwab, & Janet Walls.

Seniors in 1969 included: Henry Larson, Diana Leland, John Luxenberg, Malcolm McLain, Phillip Molina, & William Singleton. As you can see from the pictures below, they had very active marching and pep band seasons.