The 1970’s

The director of bands in 1970 was Norman Hannewald. As you can see from the pictures below, they had an active marching band season.

After an active marching season in 1971, the only senior to graduate was Kenneth Kollmeyer.

The marching band was active playing for football games in 1972. Twelve seniors graduated including: Dennis Ferrini (Government), Mary Gunderson & Lee Henning (Theology), Jill Jaenecke & John Lee (History), Jansie Krueger (Social Work), John Kurinsky, Donald Loeschen (Geography), James Markiewkz, Rick Overgaard (Music), Gregory Purvis (Economics), & Thomas Rucktenwald.

In 1973 the marching band performed in the rain for the Homecoming parade.

In 1974 the band marched around campus on the Friday of Homecoming to dismiss classes. Saturday they participated in the Homecoming parade.

In 1975 the marching band performed during pre-game and half time at football games. They also performed in the Homecoming parade and dismissal of student for Homecoming weekend.




In 1979, the band was under the direction of James Klein. Members of the Marching Band Council included: Todd Carlson (sophomore representative), Bill Nesbit (vice president), Kenneth Hessel (secretary/treasurer), Brenda Iler (president), Bill Swanberg (freshman representative), Brad Black, & Mike Troemel (senior representative).