From April 4, 2017

In the beginning… (Blog Introduction)

There was no data science curriculum. There were no data science classes.

This blog is about two main topics, closely tied together:

  • Designing data science curricula for undergraduate and graduate education
  • (and) Designing data science (or related) courses.

Valparaiso University started their undergraduate data science degree in Fall 2016, after nearly two years of planning and development (and bureaucracy). In spring 2017 we launched our first new data science course aimed at freshman and sophomores, “Introduction to Data Science”. Both of these efforts have required a lot of thought, research and decisions. This blog will collect my reflections on various ideas for curriculum or courses, resources and lessons learned from designing both the overall curricula and specific courses.

While I’ve got a sketched out plan of some things to share, please feel free to email or leave comments if there’s a particular topic or idea you’d like explored. Some of the planned posts are:

  • Student Learning Objectives (Curriculum and Course)
  • Reflections on the ASA Guidelines and Math requirements
  • Software/Programming Language choices (heated I know)