Sunday morning I was drinking coffee watching the news regarding Hurricane Sandy.  My DVR notification popped up that my channel was about to change to my scheduled recording.  The show that was  set to record was Joel Osteen’s weekly TV broadcast.  The title of his message was “Get Back In The Game.”  The title sparked my interest.

Osteen started his message by saying no matter how bad you are hurting; no matter the circumstances you are facing, you cannot give up. You must “Get Back In The Game.”

This struck a chord as I reflected on the past few weeks. It has been a very painful few weeks for Valpo football for sure. All of us, players and coaches, felt we began to turn a corner after the Drake game only to suffer two painful defeats.

Joel Osteen made one thing very clear regarding your circumstances in life.  If you are going through a painful time you might have “reason to feel sorry for yourself, but you do not have the right to do so.”

That is a powerful idea. As I relayed this to the team on Sunday I told them that our experience has been painful.  But, growing pains are inevitable. You sometimes feel pain in order to get better. Think of the feeling you have after a surgical procedure. You will be in pain, but eventually that pain gives way to healing and recovery.  For our team we can’t let the pain we are feeling keep us on the sideline. We must “Get Back In The Game.”  It is our responsibility as team members to keep fighting to “Get Back In The Game.”

Now, understand our team has practiced and prepared well the last few weeks. We have done a commendable job coming to practice, working hard in the weight room, and getting quality meeting time.  I told the team that on Sunday. You have been working hard to turn the corner. We just cannot take a step back in preparation and “go to the sidelines.”  We absolutely cannot succumb to “our pain” with three weeks left in the season and a chance to move our program in a positive direction.

I challenged everyone in our program to focus on what we need to do to defeat Campbell University. To focus and be disciplined on every practice rep and every game rep.  To see the positive strides we have made and not dwell on the “pain” we are feeling as we build Valpo Football.

Our resolve remains strong.  Our commitment to build a team capable of winning PFL Championships is strong. We will “Get Back In The Game.”