Saturday was at times exhilarating and at the end bitterly disappointing.

Our defense played very well. They forced three turnovers, added a defensive score, and gave up 14 points to the Davidson offense.  Unfortunately our offense only scored off one of the turnovers.

Going into the game we knew Davidson would stack the box to stop the run. We needed to make a few plays over the top with play action or just deep throws off our dropback series. We did not connect on any of those opportunities. The plays we needed were there. We just did not make them.

We played the first overtime game since I’ve been at Valpo.  In overtime you want to play defense first. Davidson won the toss and elected to play defense.

We were able to score in three plays. However, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the touchdown and a missed extra point put us in a very difficult position. Davidson got the ball on the 12 yard line and scored. They kicked the point for the win.

We did not play a complete game but still had a chance to win. We let our emotions overtake us at the end instead of playing with enthusiasm and discipline. We learned a tough lesson in a very hard way on Saturday.

I told the team on Sunday that we played with great effort. Last year, or even earlier this season, we would not have stayed in the game and forced the overtime. Our team is beginning to understand that your focus must be on playing the next play. You cannot worry how good or bad the previous play went. You can’t worry about the scoreboard. You only have control of the effort you give and the execution of your assignment on the next play. We played like that last week at Campbell and we did it again this past Saturday. Now, we were not as consistent in our execution, especially on offense and special teams, but we kept playing with effort and kept moving to the next play.  Playing hard and focusing on the next play was one of the key stepping stones in launching the success of the two football programs I started from scratch.

We honored the following players for their performance versus Campbell:

Defensive POW:                                Alex Grask & Pat Derbak

Special Teams POW:                         Greg Wood

O Prep POW:                                     Austin Etzler

D Prep POW:                                     Tevin Johnson

Big Play:                                            Devan Gadson & Ryan Lehr

Congratulations to P Greg Wood for being named PFL Co-Special Teams Player of the Week.

The Crusaders are on the road at Morehead State in Kentucky this Saturday.  One more week t0 work on our skills and techniques.  One more week to get better.  One more week to “focus”  on the task at hand and take the next step to building a championship program. We will continue to build our program with character.  Our resolve is strong!