The players came back to campus on Wednesday January 9th. We held our first team meeting for 2013 on the 9th.  We set the parameters for our off-season program and informed the team we would be strength testing the following two days.

On Monday January 14th we began the lifting portion of the off-season conditioning program. Agilities, plyometrics, and conditioning will begin next week. We will continue on that track until spring break the first week in March.

Our team did an excellent job in the classroom this past semester. Our Academic Top Ten has become much more competitive. The lowest GPA that qualified for the top ten was 3.43. That represents a significant increase from the lowest GPA of the top ten when I started. In addition, five of the top ten had GPA’s were greater than 3.75. Six of the top ten students are in the College of Engineering. The other four are in the College of Business.

The top ten (in alphabetical order) are:

Stuart Barkley – OL

Austin Etzler – WR

Alex Green – LB

Alex Grask – DB (team co-captain)

Hayden Hast – RB

Jordan Lewis – LB

Sam Manternach – OL

Colton Sanchez – LB

Scott Staal – QB

Kent Warren – WR

Recruiting is going very well. We have a number of commits from some outstanding football players. It will be a while before we can publish a list due to NCAA rules regarding non-scholarship programs. Be assured we have some outstanding new players ready to join our program and we expect to add to that list over the next few weeks.

Our theme for the Spring Semester is WIN The Day. Seems the same as the fall, right?  However WIN is an acronym that stands for:

What’s Important Now

Our first order of business is to take care of what we can control at this time. Our players need to focus on being the best students they can be and to develop themselves in the weight room and in the conditioning program. In order to W.I.N. in the fall we must take care of the important things now!

Our team is working hard. Our coaches are doing an excellent job on the recruiting trail. 2013 will be an excellent year.