Meet Buck the therapy dog

Last semester, Valpo College of Nursing student Jessica Kholamian approached Christopher Center administration about implementing a pet therapy program for the students. Kholamian has a certified therapy dog (a 3 year old German Shepherd) named Buck.
Following is a quote from Kholamian’s introductory letter:

I believe that implementing a pet therapy program at Valparaiso University’s Christopher Center would be beneficial to its students because pet therapy is a proven stress relieving therapy; and what better group of individuals to serve than my fellow colleagues who are stressed with their studies. I have brought Buck to the Christopher Center multiple times this semester to validate my theory prior to approaching you. My experiment results were not a surprise to me at all, Buck was a sensation with the students. The number of students I’ve met at Valparaiso University has grown with each visit with Buck, and now it has reached a point where students are coming to find Buck if someone says they saw him. I have received an enormous amount of positive feedback from students making statements like “Oh my goodness, I’m so glad he is here”, “This is a great stress relief in between my studies”, and “I hope Buck can continue to come here”.

We agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity for our students, and now Buck visits the Christopher Center every Tuesday from 5-7 pm. If you are interested in meeting Buck, you can find him in the second floor fireplace lounge.

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