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Service is a gesture of goodness and openness for others. What these two things mean differs from situation to situation. Cafe Manna brings students together to serve food and lend a listening ear to our surrounding community. When we have a surplus of volunteers, we often don’t have enough jobs to give to everyone. Instead of piling up students in the kitchen, we ask that they sit with our community members and share a meal with them. When you take an hour of your time to sit with someone and enjoy a meal, you get a glimpse of what service really is.
Cafe Manna welcomes everyone and anyone for a free meal every Thursday. People from all walks of life come through our doors. The impact one person can have from listening and just being present for our community is greater than you might think. Service happens when a student wants to do these things. At that point it is a genuine gesture of goodness and openness for another person.
-Brendan Johnson: Cafe Manna Student Volunteer Co-Coordinator

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