The Hope Underground

The Hope Underground: Preparing Medics to Serve in Syria

From the case statement:

“The students of SALT, for their 31st World Relief Campaign, are partnering with Promise for Relief and Human Development (PRHD) to provide educational opportunities for 90 students at the Ghouta Medical Institute in order to replenish field hospitals sponsored by PRHD with trained medical teams. By helping these students gain an education, we are not only bettering their lives but also saving lives.

Currently, Syria is in the midst of a civil war and revolution, which has resulted in violence across the country and also a refugee crisis as millions of people are leaving Syria in order to find safety… Since 2011, more than 240,000 Syrian citizens have been killed, and more than four million Syrian citizens have fled Syria seeking safety.

PRHD was founded shortly after the violence and revolution began in order to provide much needed humanitarian aid to the southern provinces of Syria. The founders saw a need for medical care as well as a food assistance program for refugee camps when visiting Syria, as many of the current board members are native Syrians, including PRHD’s president, Dr. Abdul Kawamleh. They realized that no organizations were currently serving the civilians in the southern provinces of Syria, and knew that they had to do something. Thus, PRHD was born.”

One of PRHD’s programs is the Ghouta Medical Institute in Ghouta, an eastern suburb of Damascus. This medical institute will graduate 90 students every year who will be trained in anesthesiology and laboratory practices by specialized physicians who are currently working and residing in Syria. Once these students graduate, they will join trained medical teams in PRHD field hospitals alongside their teachers to serve the growing number of wounded Syrians.

A total of $30,381 was raised to fund service Expenses which include electricity fuel, heat fuel, exam materials, printing paper, cleaning supplies, lecturer and administrative supplies, chalk/markers, 450 textbooks, Transportation Fuel, and Instructor Salaries for Ghouta Medical Institute.