The Social Action Leadership Team partnered with the Grain of Rice Project to work to directly and positively impact eight individuals and their families living in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

Kibera is one of the worst slums in Nairobi, with hundreds of thousands of people living in cramped 12×12 shacks in a roughly two square mile area. These residents live in unsanitary and unhealthy living conditions, as Kibera lacks any kind of infrastructure.

SALT, working with the Grain of Rice Project, worked to support our new friends Jesika, Selina, Tall, Emily Susan, Leah, Belinda, and Pamela. These eight individuals work with Grain of Rice Project, which is a non-profit ministry that seeks to empower Kenyan people with the love of Christ. The ministry helps our friends become self-sufficient by providing an avenue to sell their handcrafted products.

The WRC had the goal of raising $20,000 for a new workshop for our friends. The workspace would consist of a larger space, essential furnishings, a kitchen with a water purifier, storage, and a functioning toilet and bathroom. The new workspace will enable our friends to increase their productivity and their incomes. It provides hope to others in Kibera, as the larger space will allow Grain of Rice Project to support more members of the community.

SALT sought to tip the scales towards a brighter future for Jesika, Selina, Tall, Emily, Susan, Leah, Belinda, and Pamela. A total of $30,137 was raised during Kick-Start Kibera: Crafting a Brighter Future, surpassing the goal of $20,000. Take a look at this video for an update on progress made by Grain of Rice Project! CLICK HERE