SALT’s 2010 WRC funded the construction of a house in the village of Los Angeles, Nicaragua, on Ometepe Island. The house is used as a foster home for four to five children. SALT partnered with Praxis Center and CICRIN in Los Angeles to carry out the campaign. Praxis stands for Partnership for Responsible Adventures in Experiential Intercultural Service and Study, and is a non-profit started by Lutherans in Central America. CICRIN stands for Centro Infantil Cristiano Cicaraguense, and is a non-denominational Christian orphanage founded in the 1970s and serves as a home for between 20 and 30 children and adolescents at any one time. All funds were channeled directly to CICRIN. The funds from the WRC were used solely for the construction of the foster home. Labor was provided by the CICRIN staff and adolescent residents as well as visiting volunteers. CICRIN hoped that the construction of the house would enable a group of children to continue to live close to their current home and to maintain the trust relationships that they have built. In addition, this project contributed to the long-term sustainability of CICRIN’s mission to support at-risk children in Nicaragua.