SALT’s 2011 WRC funded the construction of a pre-primary classroom for the Mandaka Primary School in the village of Masaera, Tanzania. The school provides a place of education for many generations of children. The word “kujenga” is a Swahili word, meaning to build or to create. SALT collaborated with the Masaera Village Community Development Group (MAVCODEG), which is a non-profit community based organization in Maseara. MAVCODEG works alongside the primary school to enhance the education of the children in the Masaera village. The school was established in 1963, and enrolls approximately 500 pupils. A pre-primary classroom was a badly needed necessity. Before the room was built, the children huddled together outside under an overhang.

MACOVEDG had previously worked with Valparaiso’s branch of Engineers Without Borders to repair a local canal. The campaign sought to raise $12,500 for the construction of the pre-primary school. After completion, the campaign raised a total of $12,800, and the classroom was constructed.