SALT set out to raise $15,000 to fund the construction of a water pipeline from a mountain spring to the village of Saihan in the Yunnan province of China. The water pipeline was a gravity-fed system that could bring clean water to nearly 900 people in the village. SALT worked with Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation (CWEF).

CWEF is a Hong Kong based non-profit dedicated to improving the livelihoods of impoverished communities in Asia through education and service. The campaign addressed a critical need, as in the Shuangjing County, where Saihan is located, only 30% of all villages has clean drinking water. Providing drinking water to a village is a very tangible way to improve the lives of people in rural Yunnan. It saves women and children many hours of carrying water for cooking and cleaning. It provides adequate water to raise additional animals to sell at the market. Also important, it gives CWEF an opportunity to teach the villagers about some basic cleaning and hygienic habits that they would not have engaged in without easy access to water. By washing hands and having water accessible when children experience illness, there can be real improvement in village health and life.

At the conclusion of the campaign, SALT raised $16,051.78. The campaign was a tremendous success for the village. Now that the water project is complete there is water piped to every household in the village. Each family can simply turn the faucet and see clean water appear, according to the CWEF report on the village.