Thanks for a Wonderful Year!!!

ASCE had an eventful 2015-2016 school year that was jam-packed with exciting new competitions, fun-filled social functions, inspiring and knowledgeable guest speakers, and a growing network with involvement from incoming freshman. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this years success!!

A quick shout out to our graduating seniors: thank you for finding the time to stay involved with ASCE despite your hectic senior schedules. Congratulations on graduating… wishing you the best in your future endeavors!

We have come so far as a chapter and I cannot wait to see what will come next for our chapter! Hope you all are enjoying the summer weather, I look forward to seeing you in the Fall!


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ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL CANOE!! -Great Lakes Student Conference

This was ACSE’s first year using a female mold for our canoe and it turned out beautifully!! There may have been a slight hiccup with getting the canoe out of the mold (taking over 4 hours to remove from the mold), but overall the process went well. We were able to stay relatively on track with our construction schedule and managed to establish a tear-drop design for the canoe (which differed greatly from the dynamics of past years canoes). MUTINY sailed well in competition and Valpo’s team proudly hoisted its colors!

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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had an enjoyable summer, but the 2014-2015 school year has begun! ValpoASCE is getting into the swing of things. Some of you may have seen the concrete canoe (well…half of it) at the Student Activities Fair recently.

Recruitment Events!

Recruitment Events!

The 1st General Meeting is this Thursday (Sept. 4th) during Chapel Break in the Student Projects’ Lab (GEM 140). We hope to see you all there!


Michael “Sleepy”

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A Triumphant Weekend – Great Lakes Conference Recap

Great Lakes Conference Recap

This past weekend ( April 10-12 ) ValpoASCE traveled to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A total of 17 student members attended, along with many supporting family members. Over the 2 days of competition, Valpo competed with heart in 7 of the 8 student competitions (we’ll get that steel bridge next year!). Overall, Valpo tied for 13th out of 18 total competing schools. See the summary of results at the end of this post.

But First!

More important than any results can show is how the team performed as a team! You see, this was the first time Valparaiso had entered a canoe into the races since 2010. But the magnitude of this event doesn’t stop there. In order to compete in all 5 races, the canoe team leaders guided their fellow student members through quite an ordeal. Upon completion of race 1, the ValpoASCE canoe Wingin’ It had… SPLIT IN TWO…

But there’s no way that was going to slow us down!


We had utilized all the duct tape to our disposal and repaired our canoe so that it was sea-worthy yet again! Valparaiso Students have heart, and this weekend it showed!

Congratulations ValpoASCE!



As promised, here are the results:

  • Concrete Canoe : 11/16
  • Steel Bridge: DNE
  • Technical Paper: 14/16
  • Materials: 4/10
  • Surveying: 10/14
  • Mystery Design: 8/17
  • Environmental: 10/13
  • Quiz Bowl: 3/16

I want to give a special congratulations to the Quiz Bowl Team (placed 3rd) and the Materials Team (placed 4th).

~~~ Sleepy

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GLC 2014 Mailer I – 10-15-13

GLC 2014 Mailer II – 11-17-13

GLC 2014 Mailer III – 1-15-14
Here are the Mailers for the upcoming GLC conference. Please take some time to see what you may be interested in doing!

– Sleepy

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New Year’s Work Day

SATURDAY, 01/11/14

10 am – finish

Be there!

Wear close toe shoes and warm clothes.

Nb: Extra Credit for CE 212, don’t forget to sign-in!

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ASCE Breaking News

ASCE would like to invite you to our Concrete Canoe Milestone Celebration.

We finally cast the canoe and about to move it into the box!

Come and join us this Friday, December 13th 2013 @9pm

After we move it, we are going to do fun stuffs together as a team!

Also, we made it into the news!

Check this out:

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Concrete Canoe Casting Day

Dear All Engineers,

ASCE would like to invite you to join us for the milestone of the year: Concrete Canoe Casting Day.
It will be THIS SATURDAY 8am – 5pm, Student Projects Lab.
Our engineers have work really hard to prepare for the competition in University of Illinois on April.
Please join us or this special event. Wear warm outfit and closed toe shoes.
Look forward to see you all there.

Sincerely yours,


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Canoe Work Day – Saturday, November 9th 2013

Saturday, November 9th 2013
Student Project Lab
2pm for form work and preparation for BIG day
Wear closed toe shoe and something warm!
See you there

Note: All concrete canoe team members are REQUIRED to attend. Fail to do so, withdrawal from the team will be consider.

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Thank you!

Thank you Nick, Eileen, Jacob, Anne, Erik, and William to work on the canoe today! Great job guys!

Work done today:

1. Put concrete on the design form

2. Make concrete cylinder

Next weekend, we are going to work on sanding the canoe design form. Come and support us! Contact or for more information

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