Great Lakes Conference Recap

This past weekend ( April 10-12 ) ValpoASCE traveled to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A total of 17 student members attended, along with many supporting family members. Over the 2 days of competition, Valpo competed with heart in 7 of the 8 student competitions (we’ll get that steel bridge next year!). Overall, Valpo tied for 13th out of 18 total competing schools. See the summary of results at the end of this post.

But First!

More important than any results can show is how the team performed¬†as a team! You see, this was the first time Valparaiso had entered a canoe into the races since 2010. But the magnitude of this event doesn’t stop there. In order to compete in all 5 races, the canoe team leaders guided their fellow student members through quite an ordeal. Upon completion of race 1, the ValpoASCE canoe Wingin’ It had…¬†SPLIT IN TWO…

But there’s no way that was going to slow us down!


We had utilized all the duct tape to our disposal and repaired our canoe so that it was sea-worthy yet again! Valparaiso Students have heart, and this weekend it showed!

Congratulations ValpoASCE!



As promised, here are the results:

  • Concrete Canoe : 11/16
  • Steel Bridge: DNE
  • Technical Paper: 14/16
  • Materials: 4/10
  • Surveying: 10/14
  • Mystery Design: 8/17
  • Environmental: 10/13
  • Quiz Bowl: 3/16

I want to give a special congratulations to the Quiz Bowl Team (placed 3rd) and the Materials Team (placed 4th).

~~~ Sleepy

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