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Welcome to VR setup located at Christopher Center 1st floor. Please follow this link for the directions to the experience place, and experience the innovation of technology by playing games and fly in the 3D environment.

We are providing many popular and recently released licensed games which help the commuters, students and faculty.

Here are some of the list of the games which we are providing:

Parrot Coaster View in 3D

1. Parrot Coaster:
Parrot Coaster (formerly known as Flying Over the Rainforest) is a steel Wing Coaster at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, upon its opening in 2014, it became the first Wing Coaster in Asia and also features the first splashdown on a Wing Coaster. With a height of 164.1 feet (50.0 m), it is also the third tallest of its kind, behind Wild Eagle at Dollywood and GateKeeper at Cedar Point.[1]
Source: Here is the source of the Parrot Coaster

2. 3D Flying Car :

Image result for Flying car 3D:

Image result for Flying car 3D:

We find now-a-days driving a car in the current roads is becoming very difficult.For this, to gain the fell of driving a 4 wheeler on air is something a great feel. Please come and experience the flying car and enjoy the sky ride!!!.




3. Cyber Space:

Cyber Space

Gaining a feel of wondering in Cyber Space using the 3D Equipment and feel your presence in the outer hemisphere of the world.





4. Euro Truck 2:

Image result for euro truck simulator 2 images

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a truck simulation game released by SCS Software in 2012, and is the sequel to Euro Truck Simulator.



5. Dungeon_roller Coaster:

Image result for Dungeon Roller Coaster

Dungeon Roller Coaster

Riders are provided with virtual reality headsets to wear whilst on the ride. These headsets may be portable, or permanently attached to the ride itself and will display a synchronized video to the riders who experience the motions of the ride combined with the alternate reality provided through the headsets. After the ride, headsets are sanitized and (where applicable) recharged for future use.

6. Space Walk:

Image result for Space Walk oculus rift

Space Walk oculus rift

Source: Information of the game

7. Stars_wars _ The Battle of Endor:

Image result for star wars the battle of endor oculus

star wars the battle of endor

Basically, fight off TIE fighters, destroy turrets and shield generators on Star Destroyers, and wait for objectives from Lando. The radar screen is admittedly very rudimentary and not very clear, but you should see yellow dots representing objective locations.

Source:  Resource of the game

8. Enter the Train:

Image result for Enter the Train oculus

Enter the Train

You just woke up amnesic in a moving train, you are alone and there is a storm outside. Your cart is a mess, but why are you here? What should you do? It’s up to you to discover in this small game, oriented exploration in a confined environment with an after taste of horror.

Source : Source of information

Many More Games. Many more experiences and excitements!!!!… Come and Visit us using the Link you can request for a class registration, else follow our posts on to find the latest posts for game nights events.   Here are some more games list which we are providing from in the Christopher Center Library.

9. Ski-Racing:

10. Titans of Space Classic:

11. Mining Mike

12. Great Power

13. Cube Avoidance



If you would like to have some more games and inquiry about what more games are existed with us… Please Contact Us using this and propose your requirement regarding this.


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