Official Chase Equipment
VUSIT day-chases are comprised of up to six chase vehicles each containing up to four individual chasers. In addition to day-chases Valparaiso University students participate in two summer convective field studies lasting up to 11 days. The following is an equipment list of what can be found in each car:

Several Dell laptops and Verizon Wireless cards are available. Internet access is always useful for obtaining any data we need while on the road, and also for deciding where to go for the day.

Gibson Ridge GR Level 3 Software

Baron Wx Works is program with real time radar data and watches/warnings.

Kestrel Weather Instruments are available for most of the vehicles. These instruments can measure wind speed as well as temperature and dewpoint. They are very useful when we’re trying to find the boundary where the storms are most likely to form.

GPS or Global Positioning System is used to keep track of our mileage, elevation, and daylight time.

Chase Kits are filled with our chase necessities. Each Kit contains a Kestrel (see above), flashlight, extra batteries, First Aid Kit, and Rain-X. Also included in at least one of the kits are screw drivers, wrenches, styrofoam, and smoke flares.

Chase Bibles are binders that include not only AM/FM Central Plains and Midwest radio stations that give good weather updates, but also HAM Radio frequencies, county maps, and NOAA Weather channels.

CBs and antennas are placed with each vehicle ensuring quick communications. If there’s a sudden change in storm track we can relay it through each vehicle and change our route. They also have a weather radio built in which can give up to date weather data.

Hand Held Radios are available on the off chance that CBs aren’t working. They don’t have quite as long of a range, but still are a good means of backup communications.