In addition to chasing storms, VUSIT also organizes several social events throughout the year that give meteorology students and professors a chance to spend time together outside of the classroom through events such as the Christmas Banquet, VUSIT Late Night, participation in Relay for Life, and picnics.

Christmas Banquet
The annual VUSIT Christmas Banquet, put together by the secretary of the organization, is our biggest event in the fall. The main feature, and by far the most popular part of the banquet, is the skits. It’s a battle between the freshman and sophomores, the juniors and seniors, and the professors to see who can come up with the most creative ideas pertaining to weather and keep the audience laughing the most. Besides that there is the singing of Christmas carols VUSIT style, lots of food, and dancing.

VUSIT Late Night
The VUSIT Late Night is held every April. VUSIT members and the meteorology professsors get together on a Friday night in the weather center to watch movies, play games, and eat food late into the night.

At the beginning and end of the school year, meteorology students and professors get together for a cookout at Kirchoff Park. The picnic in early September is a chance for new freshman to get to know their fellow students and professors outside of the classroom. The picnic in late April or early May is put on by the newly elected officers of VUSIT and AMS/NWA to bring the year to a close. Highlights of the picnics include great food, kickball, softball, and many other games.

Relay for Life
One of Meteorology Department’s biggest fundraisers of the year is Relay For Life. Typically a tweleve hour event, participants are encouraged to raise money for cancer awareness in a social environment. The meteorology department raised over $2000 for the 2013 Relay For Life. During the 2014 Relay For Life, the meteorology department raised just over $3500. All of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society for cancer research.