I am proud of the work my students do and often advise, formally or informally, on questions regarding data retrieval, wrangling, and interpretation. My students have programmed in Python, R, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, PHP, and written scripts in Linux and MS Windows PowerShell.

Student Work

  • Agrawal, Amar (2023), Is the Sales Growth Rate of Electric Vehicles Related to the Growth Rate of Charging Infrastructure?. Graduate Academic Symposium.
  • Izewski, Nate (2022), A NetLogo COVID-19 Virus Simulation Model for Determining Better Strategies at Handling a Virus Outbreak. Graduate Academic Symposium.
  • Carvajal, Gabriel (2020). Sentiment Analysis on New York Times Articles Data. Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression and Senior Thesis. Technical Advisor.
  • Garzella, Craig et al (2019). An Agent-Based Modeling Approach for Predicting the Behavior of Bigheadcarp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) Under the Influence of Acoustic Deterrence. Graduate Academic Symposium. Secondary Advisor (alongside program director).
  • Witter, Chloe (2017), Whose head?: Subject classification through head motion analysis. Graduate Academic Symposium.
  • Li, Mengze (2017), The Wars in Your Machine: New Developments in Trojan Virus Engineering. Graduate Academic Symposium.
  • Aziz, Shallaw (2016), Ransomware in High-Risk Environments. Capstone Project.
  • Ali, Govand (2016), Identifying Terrorist Affiliations Through Social Network Analysis Using Data Mining Techniques. Graduate Academic Symposium and M.S. Thesis.

Courses Developed and Taught (Online Synchronous, Online Asynchronous, and In-Classroom)

For the now-discontinued online Healthcare Management Program:

  • HMP-510:  Health Project Management
  • HMP-620:  Health Information Management
  • HMP-624:  Health Information Management I:  Health Information Systems and Clinical Data
  • HMP-625:  Health Information Management II:  Clinical and Public Health Decision Support
  • HMP-640:  Quality Healthcare Management

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