Reviews of “King Richard’s Sword” by Readers


Review by the Rev. Ed Little, Retired Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana

I’ve just finished reading “King Richard’s Sword,” and enjoyed it tremendously.   Among other things, it was great fun getting to know medieval Worcester, a new setting with lots of local color.   Antony and Norman were suitably unsavory – as was Susanna – and I was suitably surprised to discover that Susanna had done in two (and then three!) fellow villains.  Lady Apollonia, as she matures, has become a more contemplative detective (though the episode of her kidnapping was quite harrowing), and Gwen and Hugh were wonderful additions to the team of sleuths.   I also enjoyed Elwin’s brief but important role.

I do find myself wondering if Brandon Landow will eventually come to a very bad end.   He turns up regularly, his plans are spoiled, but he escapes to defraud again.   Perhaps in a future novel?   Or maybe he’ll experience a conversion?


Review by a reader in Worcester, England, where King Richard’s Sword is set

Going into the cathedral now is a different experience for me as so many things have more meaning.  Each time I go I visit the place where the pilgrim is laid to rest and give him a silent greeting!  The Lady came to life with every page and the drawing which your daughter-in-law did make her even more real.  I think the depth of research is very thorough and realise what a huge task it must have been to get things right before publication.

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