Memento Mori


 The first signs of early spring have begun to blossom in the year l392, and the Lady Apollonia is living in the home of her third husband in the city of Gloucester.  Master Robert Windemere is a wealthy wool merchant and furrier, a former bailiff of the city who has established his reputation for quality and excellence.  Robert achieved the triumph of his lifetime when his proposal of marriage was accepted by the Lady Apollonia of Aust.  Long a dear friend to the Austs, Robert waited patiently to approach her until the Lady could achieve balance in her life after the loss of her beloved husband, Edward.

Lady Apollonia is forced to deal with the news of the death of her fourth son, Sir Alban in Prussia when his squire, Laston Baker is finally able to return to her in fulfillment of his vow to his master.  A succession of losses in her personal life requires Apollonia to face the relentless progress of life towards death.  But, “Memento Mori”, the Latin phrase meaning “Remember you must die”, is echoed for her by an outbreak of major crime and murder in Gloucester.

Most frightening to the Lady is the growing threat, within her newly adopted city, of organized gangs, one led by the most fiercely inhuman villain she has ever encountered.  She is also forced to recognize an adversary whom she had known when she resided in Devon ten years before.  He has appeared in Gloucester, and he now seeks to reestablish himself as leader of gangland vice. However, his role in providing key information to enable the crime of the century in Gloucester threatens his life.

Apollonia and her husband must deal with the realities of schism within the church and Wycliffe’s insistence upon reform.  The Lady takes up the challenge to safeguard those who serve her and find a way to rid Gloucester of vicious criminals who enjoy powerful protection.

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