National Weather Association (NWA)

Current logo of the NWA

The National Weather Association (NWA) is a professional association that promotes excellence in operational meteorology. It is member-led, and provides opportunities for members to be involved with operational meteorology concerns and processes. There are many resources for students to use if they are interested in entering the operational side of meteorology! Read more about it on the About NWA page on their official website!

Being a member of NWA provides many benefits to students, such as full voting rights within NWA, a subscription to their NWA Newsletter and Journal of Operational Meteorology, reduced registration fees at NWA Annual Meetings, as well as the chance to network with individuals in the operational meteorology field! There are also scholarship and grant opportunities, as well as a chance to earn the NWA Radio and Television Weathercaster Seals of Approval for weather broadcasters!


Official banner for the 47th Annual Meeting of NWA. Taken from the NWA website,


The 47th Annual Meeting of the National Weather Association took place from August 20-24, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Typically, NWA Annual Meetings occur during the fall semester. However, there is a virtual option for those interested in attending the conference in the future! You may take a look at the prices of registration for the 2022 conference here. Unlike the annual AMS conference, Chi Epsilon Pi does not offer a grant to attend this conference.