Social Events

Social events are organized by the Sophomore Social Chair position with support from the rest of the executive board. The Sophomore Social Chair for AMS/NWA collaborates with the other Social Chair for VUSIT (VU Storm Intercept Team) on occasion. The purpose of these events is to help incorporate the incoming freshmen or transfer students to the department by meeting other meteorology majors. Events take place throughout the semester online or in-person, and some examples include the Annual Halloween Party, Bingo, Wheel of Fortune, Fall-la-palooza, and many more! For information on events, look out for emails from either social chairs, Katarina Dudkowski (AMS) or Alexander Brawley (VUSIT)!

Images from Some 2021-2022 Social Events:


Images from Some 2020-2021 Social Events:

Images from Some 2019-2020 Social Events: