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Category: Florence

2017 Photo Contest Winners: Grand Prize

Grand Prize

Name: Peaceful Request
Photographer: Ian Olive
Location: Venice, Italy
Program: Germany Study Center
Description: A calm protest and request

2017 Photo Contest Winners: Sense of Place

Category: Sense of Place 

1st Place:

Name: Descending to Ascend
Photographer: Emma Chelsvig
Location: Varanasi, India
Program: World Internships
Description: Locals and Indian tourists flock to the ghats in Varanasi where they bathe themselves in the Ganges’ holy water.

2nd Place:

Name: We Have  Seen the Light
Photographer: Savannah Jorgensen
Location: Florence, Italy
Program: England Study Center
Description: Florentine people celebrating

3rd Place:

Name: Nymphenburg Palace
Photographer: Kostadin Pendev
Location: Munich, Germany
Program: Reutlingen Summer Engineering Program
Description: The Nymphenburg Palace was built from the 17th to the 19th century for the Bavarian royal family. Behind the palace, there is a garden that is 88 square miles.


Introducing the Bloggers: Madeline

Blogger: Madeline Klauer

Location: Florence, Italy

Major: Exploratory

I choose to study abroad because we hosted exchange students in my home all throughout my childhood. I saw how it helped them grow, be successful and expand their horizons, and I’ve always wanted to do the same. I’m the most excited about living with a host family and seeing what day-to-day life is like…and #2 on the list is food 🙂

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Smell the Roses

Author: Marianna Guerrieri

Program: CIS Summer in Florence

The people of Italy are always admiring the beauty that surrounds them. Whether it is the city scene, the art, or with loved ones, you can always find the locals and travelers alike enjoying their time in a beautiful country. Knowing how I enjoyed the views and then observing how other people were enjoying their view and time was refreshing and comforting to see.


Couple walking



Father and Daughter bettter

Father Daughter 2

Ocean View

The Streets of Florence

Author: Marianna Guerrieri

Program: CIS Summer in Florence

There are many hidden gems within the streets of Florence.  There are many different open markets throughout all of the city, and when you happen upon one, you know you will find something great.  Fresh pasta, Italian clothing, and fresh fruit and flowers.  The locals are extremely helpful and you can always make a deal.  There is so much variety and uniqueness in these markets; they are a great way to see the locals and find out what they have to offer.

Marianna - ceramics Marianna - flowers Marianna - jewelry 2 Marianna - magazines Marianna - Market

Florence – History in Architecture

Author: Marianna Guerrieri

Program: Summer in Florence

Italy is know for its historic buildings that are admired all over the world.  These buildings have been modified to fit the needs of the current population and residents, but the look and history is still the same. I captured a few ways that the architecture has changed a little for the new residents, such as flowers, but also the street art that has been added. Some is harmless while most of it destroys the historical look of the building. While I admire some of these artistic releases, it is very sad that it had to be on these beautiful buildings, but just as well interesting how the buildings can remain intact and still function well for the residents.


Marianna - artist Marianna - buildings Marianna - clothesline Marianna - grafitti Marianna - hanging plants Marianna - window plants

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