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That’s all I have left in Mexico. So, how am I feeling at this point? Oh, let’s say this: sad, happy, excited,  wanting to break down, frustrated, thrilled, stressed…ummm, yeah that’s all I got for now. The big pit in my stomach seems to be less strong as I learn to deal with the reality that the study abroad journey is coming to an end.

The colors of Mexico....just beautiful

Although Mexico is our next door neighbor, it’s going to be weird to go back. After being here since August (and never having gone back for vacations), I feel more compatible with Mexico than my own culture (that’s ok, after being homeschooled for 4 years, I’ve never really adjusted to American culture that much). However, I have decided how I am going to live out my next few days. In Mexico, you really don’t plan anything but just go with the ball. So here goes:

1. Despedidas!! Going away parties have filled up my social calender. Every moment I can get to spend time with the friends I love and have gotten to know is valuable and there isn’t much of it. So, bring on the good times! Tonight, I am meeting with friends from my internship, Valpo and my ex-roomies from last semester. Tomorrow night includes the same and pretty much the rest of the week. We have to celebrate!

2. Study. Yes, despite the parties and fun times, I have just one final exam (Pyschology in Spanish, God help me) and then I will be free. Fun part is, I’m taking summer classes at Valpo which means 4 days of vacation for me…yes! (note the sarcasm)

3. Prepare (somewhat) for my future in Mexico. I’m planning to come back to Mexico. Not for vacation but to live and work. Although jobs don’t pay the best, I love living in this culture and want to really dive into it! There are positions in my field, Public Relations, so I just have to get my name out there and make those contacts. It’s not easy but fortunately my family and friends support and somebody else who is very important…

Now really, I could never leave him!

4. Continue to fall in love with my boyfriend (the wonderful Oscar Escobar). Yes, I have a boyfriend! Yeah, he’s a sexy Mexican, knows how to dance and be romantic and can even cook! Many people have asked me what I am going do when I go back. Ummm, well…stay with him! How could I leave this wonderful man who has made me stronger, treats me like a princess and brought so much joy to my life? Long distance will be hard but it could be worse. Besides, we have skype and facebook and I hope to visit in December…no matter what, I could never leave the love of my life!

5. Pack. Ohhhh packing that dreaded word that brings upon a tornado of stress. It’s all good though, I’ve become good at packing but I just don’t have the energy. Any volunteers? 🙂

6. Buy last minute gifts. Rosary for mom for sure….there are other things I want to buy. Maybe a bottle of tequila and a Mexican flag?

7. Immigration and official documents. I need to check my email because I have to print off some important form that I don’t remember what it is called or what it is for but it’s important. Pfff, why is this SO complicated?

8. Prepare for the culture shock. Oh yes, that thing about reverse culture shock the International Office and every other ex-study abroad student keeps telling me about.

Staying in touch with some amazing friends!

9. Eat a LOT of Mexican food. I’m going to go eat a lot of tacos, mole, chilaquiles and whatever else I can find to eat. The food is tasty and so amazing here. So, if you see me and I’ve gained weight, you’ll know why!

10. Basically, celebrate the present…and look forward to the future. Mexico has taught me to live one day at a time but also enjoy that day to the absolute maximum! Live it up! Laugh, love..whatever you do, do it with passion. But for God’s sake, take it easy and actually take your time. The present is beautiful right now as I sit here with the love of my life about to prepare for the evening parties. However, I am so looking forward to the future. An exciting senior year is in store for me back at Valpo but I know deep down inside my heart, Mexico is in my future along with other adventures. What can I say? I am the luckiest girl in the world.


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  1. Tomas Redding

    May 6, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    It sure has thrilled me to watch you fall in love with México this year,Lydia. It is great knowing someone from home,other than my Méxican friends there,who are as enchanted with this country as I am. I look forward to the time when everyone on both sides of the border have the same freedom to come and go as we do and the opportunity to live in peace and prosperity as well.
    Safe travels and VIVA MÉXICO!

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