Now, we went on a tour of the city but that only lasted until around lunch time so afterward some of us went to the DDR Museum. The DDR, known as the GDR in English, was the east side when Germany was divided. This museum was awesome! It was probably one of the top museums that I went to in Berlin. The entire museum was very interactive. There were drawers that you could pull out and play with whatever was inside of them. Sometimes they also had just information in them.

They even had the cars that were only produced in the East, the Trabant. The cool part was that you could pretend to drive in one and see what the inside looked like. These cars took so long to manufacture that as soon as you had a child you would have to put your name on the list in order to make sure that it was done by the time your child of 16 needed it. That is a really long time to spend building one car!

There was also an interrogation room that I actually sat in and it felt as though I was really being interrogated by someone. The neat thing about the room was that on the table there were two black spots. In order to hear the real answers to some of the questions from the interrogator, you had to put your elbows on the black spots and put your hands over your ears.

This next part may sound strange but the museum had a section on nudists. Apparently, it was the only freedom that people actually thought they had in the East so they decided to use their lack of clothing to make a statement. I mean, clothing was optional but most chose the option of none.

That night, a couple of us went to a club. I mean, it is Europe so we thought we should at least try to go out once. The place we went to was called Qdorf. It was awesome! There were two floors and each floor had multiple rooms, with each room being a different genre of music. They had rooms that included a karaoke room and a salsa room. They even had country, as well as hip hop and R&B room. I had never been to  a club like that before and I can assure you that we had fun. The cool thing about it was that if you got bored in one room, you could just walk to another and start dancing. I strongly advise that if anyone ever goes to Berlin, Qdorf is the club to go to.