This past Saturday a couple of my friends and I took one of the ‘suggested’ day trips to Ulm. Ulm is known for its high church tower. If you can picture this, high church tower = a lot of stairs = tired at the top. I agreed to doing this. I don’t know why. I was all set for relaxing my first actual weekend in Reutlingen where I wasn’t expected to do anything. Instead, I signed up for this trip. Which this surprised me, because I had already said that after I climbed the tower in Cologne, I would not be climbing anymore towers. Apparently, I lied to myself.

To get there, we have a pass called the Naldo pass that works for the buses and trains in the Naldo system. Since we found the directions on how to get to Ulm on the Naldo website, we assumed that it was in the Naldo network. Apparently, not. One stop before we actually had to get off, the conductor informed us that we needed to get off and buy the correct ticket. We did this and then had to wait ONE HOUR before the next train that would take us 15 minutes to the next stop.

When we arrived in Ulm, the first stop was obviously the tower. It didn’t take that long to climb because part of the tower was closed off, though it was still tiring. We did get pretty close to the top, though. The view from the top was a little blocked off because there was construction happening on that tower.

After the tower, we got ice cream to help soothe the nerves of some of the people in our group who were afraid of heights. I was not going to complain. The ice cream here in Europe is better, in my opinion, than in America. It is just creamier, probably because it’s gelato, but it’s good.

Afterward, we went to the bread museum. We thought that the museum would be more like a factory, in that they would give us free samples of different breads. No. It was the history of bread. You can understand how exciting this museum was for us :/ The coolest part of this museum was grinding grain. Yippee.

The day went well, all in all. We got home safely, though we were all exhausted.