Photographs provided by Kelsey Howard (C-82) and Bryn Cooley (C-92)


One of the most quintessential parts of a Cambridge experience is… the River Cam! Kelsey’s picture shows the Clare College Bridge on a calm, bright day, while Bryn’s demonstrates just how busy the river can be!


Another recognizable monument from the Cambridge Program is the spires of King’s College. While walking along King’s Parade, these cream-colored towers can be seen standing proudly.


London is only an hour’s train ride away from Cambridge. St. Paul’s Cathedral, pictured here in 2008 and 2013, can be seen towering over Millennium Bridge and the people who cross it every day.


The class trip with the broadest focus is fondly termed the “Castles Trip,” despite the fact that only two castles are visited. Another stop on this trip is Bath, where the famous Roman bath house can be visited. Here, we see an example of the baths in the daytime (Bryn’s) and lit by torches at night (Kelsey’s).


Fountain’s Abbey was once a wealthy Catholic monastery. When King Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church to form the Church of England, the wealth of the monasteries was seized for the crown and the monks were forced to leave. These ruins, shown in 2013 (top) and 2008 (bottom), are all that remain of the beautiful abbey.



As one of the most mysterious cultural heritage sites in Europe, Stonehenge has fascinated people for centuries. Though these pictures were taken 5 years apart, there is little change to be seen. The stones look much the same as they did hundreds of years ago.



Lake Windemere, the largest lake in Britain, seems rather small to those of us who are used to the Great Lakes. However, the beautiful lake is an excellent place for sailing, as we can see in both of these pictures.



Cambridge becomes home to every student who lives there, and many will remember crossing the Magdalene Bridge nearly every day to reach the city centre.