Author: Jennifer Kvasnicka

Program: CISabroad Summer in Scotland


In the last few weeks, I have done and experiences so many new things. I’ve climbed mountains, had proper tea, and even got a tattoo (sorry Mom, I’ll explain). The joy that this trip has brought me is unexplainable. I have learned and grown from every experience.

I’ll start with my new tattoo. I won’t post a pictures because it is still healing. This experience in Scotland has pushed me to to try new things and to be out of my comfort zone. Without my faith in this trip ever coming about, I think the plans would have just fell flat. Again, thanks to my family, and God, for giving me the courage to come here and explore these new experiences. The tattoo I got is “by grace, though faith.” I got it on my foot, not only for professional reasons, but also to symbolize that I’ve walked by faith through this whole journey. Through faith, that God pushed me to pursue this dream, not only to explore new things, but to learn more about my own family history and roots.

Climbing Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh definitely was not as hard as the Dumyat Hill climb at the beginning of my time here. It was quite an incline, but we made it. Silly us, we decided to walk it at 9:30 at night. Here, it stays light a lot later. We got to the top and had the most gorgeous view. You could see from the coast all the way to the castle. It was incredible. The entire city was lit up. There was also a concert at the caste that you could hear almost perfectly. I sat up there for awhile just soaking in the history of Arthur’s Seat, and the fact that a girl from the flattest part of the US is on a volcano!



IMG_0726 - Copy

Later in the week, I decided I NEEDED to have proper tea in Scotland. A few of my new travel friends joined me. We went to Bluebell Tearoom, which is a quaint little shop that serves all different teas and sandwiches. I’m glad I didn’t have breakfast before because there was SO much food. we received a three-tiered platter with sandwiches, scones (and jam, of course), and small pastries. I was so full, but every bite was worth it. It was a nice get-away from paper writing and climbing mountains. I can’t say that I have an absolute favorite experience. That would be impossible. But the fact that I have experienced so many different and unique things adds up to one pretty amazing experience if you ask me.

Tea for two