Category: Unforgettable Moment 

1st Place:

Name: Polluting the Ganges with Sins
Photographer: Emma Chelsvig
Location: Varanasi, India
Program: World Internships
Description: Each day thousands of Hindus journey to the holy (and heavily polluted) waters of the Ganges River to cleanse themselves of their sins.

2nd Place:

Name: Through Binoculars
Photographer: Tiffany Luehrs
Location: Xixi Wetlands, Hangzhou, China
Program: China Study Center
Description: When I went bird watching for my biology class, I noticed how the binoculars made a perfect circular frame every time I focused on a different part of the wetland. I decided to take photos through the binoculars and was surprised at the results!  I made this collage with a few of my favorite images from the day.

3rd Place:

Name: Dear Porto…
Photographer: Jewan Attallah
Location: Porto, Portugal
Program: French Language Immersion Semester
Description: The photo represents my personal love for Porto.