Name: Micah Koppang

Major: Spanish

Location: Viña del Mar, Chile

Hey! I’m Micah Koppang, a second year Spanish major currently studying abroad in Viña del Mar, Chile. It’s already been a unique experience since they’re in the southern hemisphere and  thus in their fall semester, which didn’t start until March! As such, I’ve only been in class for a few weeks (and will unfortunately have a short summer break since classes go until mid-July), but it’s already been so much fun! 

Torre Costanera Center

I flew down here a few weeks before school started and got to explore Santiago a lot. Some of my favorite places were Torre Costanera Center (the tallest tower in all of South America!) and Cerro San Cristóbal, where I took a cable car up to go see so the amazing Christian art and architecture the hill offered (shout out to Professor Buggeln for teaching a wonderful class that gave me such a greater appreciation for this subject!)


Cerro San Cristóbal

Since classes have started, I’ve made friends with a lot of Chilean students as well as many of the other international students (most of whom come from Spanish-speaking countries) through the international club. We’ve gone on outings to the dunes of Concón, the Teatro Municipal de Viña del Mar, and the Palacio Vergara! At the time of writing this, I’m going to be attending a lesson in Cueca (the national dance of Chile) later today with the club!


Taken on an outing to the Palacio Vergara

If you get the chance to study abroad in Viña del Mar, I highly recommend it as it is accessible to all levels of Spanish-speaking and is just such a unique and eye-opening cultural experience where you really feel a part of the community you’re living in!