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Welcome to the Student Spotlight section of our blog! Here, we will be showcasing students currently studying abroad!

Student Spotlight: Emily Davis

Emily is currently in Australia! In her picture, she is at the Moreton Island!12316301_10156295366890615_6718628537361451629_n
Emily is now studying at Bond University and her favorite class is Criminal Deviance. Emily says this about the class, ” My professor is an adjunct professor, so he has lots of stories and is very familiar with crime on the Gold Coast. It’s an interesting class from seeing differences and similarities in crime and deviance from the USA to Australia.”
Favorite Experiences: My favorite experiences here so far have been getting my scuba certification, sand boarding, holding a koala, and snorkeling around sunken ships.
Tip: Australia is such a big country, you will have plenty of opportunities for anything you are interested in.
Fun Fact: Blake Lively is currently shooting a movie in Australia and is rumored to be staying only about five minutes from the University I am staying at!

Looks like you are having fun, Emily! Hope you continue to have wonderful adventures!

Student Spotlight: Izzy Gonzales

Izzy is currently studying abroad at our study center in Cambridge England!

12119009_10156258023070615_6659471209191411941_nPictured is Izzy on the island of Burano off Venice, Italy.

Izzy’s favorite class is British History with Professor Murphy. “He’s hilarious and makes the topic so fascinating. It’s cool getting to relate what we discuss in class to what we see and do when exploring England on our own.”

“I can’t say that I have a specific favorite experience, but just being able to travel Europe and fall in love with several cities has been the most amazing experience in itself. Cambridge is beyond beautiful and it’s great being only a 45 minute train ride away from London! Though it may be it’s own little island off of Central Europe, England has everything you could want: hiking the mountains in the Lake District, the nightlife in Liverpool, the beachside town of Brighton, the historical sights of London, and the little town of Cambridge that will definitely become your second home. This has definitely been an adventure of a lifetime.”

Izzy, we are so glad you are having such a wonderful time! Enjoy your last month in Cambridge!

Student Spotlight: Caitlyn Alario

Caitlyn is a Classics major studying in Athens, Greece! In her picture, she and her friend, Sarojini, are above the city of Meteora. Known for its monasteries built on the top of and sides of the cliffs! So far, Caitlyn has been able to travel a lot of Greece, and has told us some great things about her time studying there!

Her favorite class has been “The Culture of Modern Greece”.12219407_10156236635395615_1670763307492693247_n

Advice for students thinking of studying in Greece: “My tip for someone thinking about studying abroad in Athens would be to consider traveling more within Greece while they’re here, as opposed to using it as a platform to go to a bunch of different countries. While flights within Europe are very cheap and there are so many other places to see, Greece is a very geographically and socially diverse country, and each island and region has something unique to offer. Almost every weekend I’ve been here I’ve gone somewhere different within Greece, and every time I’ve been blown away by how different it was from where I’d been before. I haven’t left Greece yet and I have no regrets about that.”

Fun Fact: “My fun fact about Athens is that there are local cats and dogs all over the city! While to foreigners they may seem like strays, in Athens they say there are no strays because everyone chips in to take care of them. It’s a really cool phenomenon to witness, because there every morning the little old ladies set out food for the cats, and different people will give food to the dogs throughout the day. It has also really solidified my belief that dogs are man’s best friend. If you’re walking in a large group, there’s a very good chance that a stray dog will come and walk with you and try to protect you from any strangers it may perceive as threatening. It’s so sweet! So that’s been something very unique that I’ve enjoyed.”

Thank you, Caitlyn, for sharing so much about your time abroad! We all hope you continue having fun and learn much while abroad!


Student Spotlight: Micah Topel

Micah is currently studying in Reutlingen, Germany, but in his picture, he is standing in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris!

Micah’s tip, for those of you going to Reutlingen is this, “One tip for someone studying here would be to see as much as you can while here, not necessarily just around Europe but also places that are in or near Reutlingen. There are several miles of hiking/biking/running trails within a few minutes of campus. A Eurail pass is also a must, it makes traveling so much easier and the cost will be made up very quickly if you travel a lot!”

Micah’s favorite class has been his German 101, and also wanted to let everyone know that, close to Reutlingen, Mercedes Benz and Bosch both have headquarters!

Safe travels Micah!

Student Spotlight: Ashley Smith

Ashley is currently studying at University of Newcastle in Newcastle, Australia!
Here is a picture of Ashley in front of the Cradle Mountain located in Tasmania.

“My favorite experience thus far has to be sailing through the Witsunday Islands and diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Ever since I got my diver’s licence, it has been a dream of mine to dive here so the whole experience was very surreal.”

Advise for other students thinking about traveling abroad: “I would tell a student that is planning on coming here to make sure to go out of their comfort zone and make friends. Since it is the opposite hemisphere, first semester at home is second semester here so many people already have their friend groups. So, if you just act yourself and find a group of friends to fit in with you will be just fine!”

Ashley we are so glad that you are having such a wonderful time!

Student Spotlight: Rachel Corradin

Rachel is currently studying in Viña Del Mar, Chile (located right next to Valparaíso, Chile!!)
Here is a picture os Rachel at at Valle de la Luna, located in San Pedro de Atacama.

Her favorite favorite class is Latinamerican Literature. All of her classes are taught in Spanish so not only is she studying a specific subject, but she is constantly improving her Spanish skills!

“One of my favorite expereiences would be living with a host family in general. Everyday turns into an adventure thanks to them. I live with a host mom and 21 year old sister (and a 16 year old dog!). I click really well with them and they are a main part of what has made my experience so amazing. They let me be really independent while also letting me tag along with all their crazy adventures. They always give me tips for everywhere I go and are always there when I get lost.”

Advise for other students thinking about traveling to Chile: “have Spanish experience. It is definitely a Spanish intensive program and I can´t imagine being here without knowing it. Also, it is very important to be open to new experiences because South America has a very different way of living. It is an amazing culture to experience but it takes getting used to.”

Rachel, we are jealous of all the fun you are having! We hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Chile!

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