Enjoy these little phrases that somewhat define the Mexican study abroad experience. 😉

  • Anoop (United Kingdom)

You’ve realized there’s more to Mexican food than tacos

  • Mari (Norway)

You think one dollar for a beer is expensive

  • Yvonne (Germany)

When you appreciate hot salsa on your Pizza

When you are able to distinguish Cumbia from Salsa

  • Courtney (USA)

You went an entire winter without seeing any snow

Your hometown and college town survived snowpocalypse 2011 and you didn’t see one flake of snow

  • Shelly (USA)

Your name is gringa

  • Amie (USA)

Your classes never start on time

You’ve probably accidentally failed a greeting kiss

You’ve realized the INTENSELY fast speed you probably used in your home country

You’ve learned more Justin Bieber songs than you EVER imagined (or wanted…)

You know what ahorita and al rato mean

  • Erin Moeller (USA)

You come back to the states and find you still have little to no regard for other drivers on the road.

  • Alexandra Moralez (USA)

When you can explain to someone what “Mexican time” is

When shrimp in your beer makes sense

When 7 or 8 of your friends want to go somewhere and try to decide which two cars to take and your first instinct is “we can all fit”

Tacos in México...dear God, I love them!!

  • Chris Oversluizen ‎(New Zealand)

You have an appreciation for busses in your home town

When agreeing on a meeting time means absolutely nothing!!!!!

  • Tim Kneuss (USA)

You use salsa inglesa and catsup on your pizza

  • Paige Snyder (USA)

You know you’ll never be able to eat American Mexican food again

There are some words you can only say in espanol because you’ve forgotten how to say them in English

You wiggle your pointer finger at people when you agree with them or saying yes

  • Beth Anne Lopez  (USA)

When you know what it means to ask for “limon” or “jamaica” at a Pemex

When it is necessary to eat half a kilo of carne al pastor after a night out

When you don’t even blink when you see armed guards

  • Emily Beatty (USA)

When youre talking with friends and you say weyyy at the end of each sentence

  • Lydia (USA)

When you’re  so much more relaxed about life

You’ve had one freaking amazing study abroad experience!