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My Mexican Playlist Part 1

Me at the infamous Unit with some of my Mexican friends. Yes, Johnny, la gente está muy loca.

Most of the Mexican students at UDLAP keep a constantly running playlist of the same music. Club music rules here. If you’re not listening to the latest David Guetta track or Katy Perry’s new hit single, then you’re nothing more than a poser. Although I’ve grown tired of listening to these I-can’t-get-these-out-of-my-head-tracks-no-matter-how-hard-I-try, I thought I would share some with you all. So here’s my top 5 Mexico Playlist of Spring Semester 2011:

5. She’s a neo-liberal’s dream with her catchy tune that praises the underdog in all of us. It’s Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Don’t be surprised if you see actual fireworks going off in Kurandera when this song comes on.

4. Are you feeling sentimental? Want to tell that special someone how you really feel about them? Check out Reik’s “Inolvidable.” It comes on in the clubs at about 2am when it’s time to take a breather from all that hard-core rocking out. So grab a partner and dance the night away.

3. Americans love her, Mexicans worship her, and people named Alejandro probably hate her. Coming in at #3 is Lady Gaga with “Alejandro.” After spending nearly a semester in this country, I can attest to the fact that Gaga got it right when she said Alejandro was “hot like Mexico.”

2. What’s that? You think Barbara Streisand is a washed-out, has-been from the 80s who’s completely irrelevant to contemporary pop culture. Well guess again! At number #2, here’s Ducksauce with “Barbra Streisand.” Do Do Do dooo dooo doo doo do. Be careful with this one. It’s been known to stay in people’s heads for weeks at a time.

1. You’ve seen people eat pizza with ketchup. You’ve heard Mexican hipsters hopelessly trying to use their Nextels at Bambukos while the music was blaring. And you’ve felt sweaty people awkwardly rub up against you at Unit. Do you ever just have those moments when you want to say, “Johnny, la gente está muy loca.” Topping off this unofficial chart at #1 is Sak Noel’s “Loca People” aka the official theme song of my semester in Mexico.

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