Me and some of the other international students who participated in my informal survey.

My time in Mexico will be coming to an end soon, which means “real life” will be starting up again (sad face). I know what I’ve thought of this experience, and you’ve probably been able to tell how I felt through my posts. With that being said, I conducted a highly unscientific poll over this past week to find out what other people thought of their experiences in Mexico (the good, bad, the awesome, and the terrible). Here’s what people had to say:

U.S.A.: “Mexico is a vegetarian’s nightmare. All you can eat here is Vitamin T–tacos, tamales, tortas and tequila.”

Germany: “I’m never leaving!!!!”

France: “People say that Mexico is one of the most dangerous places in the world, but they think that because they believe everything that’s on the news. I actually feel a lot safer at UDLAP than I do at my Uni back home.”

Australia: “It was hard at first, but my Spanish is finally getting better!”

Honduras: “I love Mexico!”

U.S.A: “Mexico has been the worst and best experience of my life. There are things I wish I could change, but really I’m so glad that I came here this semester.”

Australia: “Clubbing and drinking are fun for about a week, but then you kind of get burned out.”

U.S.A.: “Mexican girls should not be allowed to wear high heels if they don’t know how to walk in them.”

U.S.A.: “I decided to stay here another semester because I love it so much.”

U.S.A.: “I still don’t understand why they eat pizza with ketchup here!”

Australia: “I was supposed to go back after this semester because I’m graduating. But I’m getting a job teaching English. I never want to leave!”

U.S.A: “I’ve had a good time so far, but I am starting to feel a little bit homesick. I think it’s time to head back to the States.”

U.S.A.: “Mexico equals Love!!!!!!!!”

That was just some the feedback I got during my random and rather awkward poll. Remember everyone’s study abroad experience is going to be different. Even if you have a rocky time know that wherever you go, you will never be the same when you come back. So take a risk and go on an adventure…today!!!!