Spanish…gosh, what a sexy language!

What makes Spanish so enticing and such a beautiful language? Perhaps it’s my fault of always thinking of some hot latino papacito looking into my eyes and saying romantic things that should make my toes curl and want to be his senorita but blah blah, blah, such is the stuff for cheesy Hollywood films.

Spanish IS a beautiful language for various reasons but after a recent conversation with a classmate of mine, I realized that one of the reasons the Spanish language is very attractive is because it is very specific in its meaning and context. It makes it just downright lovely sometimes.

For example, take the phrase in English “I like you.” Now, that can be taken two ways. We can say in a friendship type of way or it can mean that we have a romantic inclination towards someone. However, in Spanish if you want to say “I like you” in a friendship type of way, you would say “me caes bien” which literally translates as “you fall well with me.” How cool is that?! Instead of saying to some guy “I like you” ( but just as a friend) and possibly creating an awkward situation, “me caes bien” or “you fall well with me” sounds like the perfect way to create a friendship don’t you think?

Without a doubt, I would say "te amo" to this guy 😉

Let’s look at another (important) example. In English, there is only one way to say “I love you.” However, we take a look at Spanish and oh wow, have a look at your options: me fascinas, me encantas, te quiero, and with the strongest being te amo. Although these translate differently, the meaning remains as being “I love you.” For example, me encantas would translate as “you enchant me” but it’s a way of saying “I love you” in Spanish that isn’t very strong.

For friends that I get along great with and love being in their company, I would say “me encantas” because I enjoy their company and love them but my love isn’t as strong in comparison to my close friends. For the friends who have been with me through the good and bad times and have been by my side I would say to them “te quiero” or “te amo.” Anymore it’s hard for me to just say “I love you” to somebody. Saying it in Spanish says it perfectly what it is in my heart…amazing how powerful words can be.