I’ve never been one to get overly excited about Valentines Day, however, I can say without a doubt that this is the best Valentines Day I have ever had. It started out amazing and kept getting better. I woke to up to roses and poems! Zach, the only boy in the house, (there are 8 girls) went out super early and bought us each a rose and and wrote us each a personal poem to go with our rose. How awesome is that! We were all so surprised. It was the best Valentines Day surprise for sure! And since I didn’t have an actual Valentine, Jess was my Valentine this year! Jess and I made each other Valentines and I got some from the other girls as well. After classes were over for the week, Jess, Marie, Emelie, and I all booked it for the train station because we were going to see Mamma Mia the musical in London and it started at 3! Ahhh, we were so excited! We got to London around 1:15 and had to find our hostel and check in before we went to the theater. We got lost trying to find our hostel because apparently I booked us a hostel in a shady part of town (woops!) but it was only 13 pounds so it was worth it! After we checked it, we made our way to the Tube around 2 to get to the Novelo Theater by 2:30, the box office closed at 2:30 and it we weren’t there, we would not be able to get our tickets. So we were running around with chickens with our head cut off trying to find the theater. We thought it was in Picadilly Circus, but lo and behold, it was over a mile away from there so it was 2:23 and we were a MILE away from the theater. So what did we do? We ran a mile in our heels and dresses in 7 minutes to reach the theater. I’m not kidding, we didn’t stop once and we almost took out multiple people. I wonder what the people on the streets we passed were thinking, “There goes those crazy Americans,” or something along those lines. It was extremely stressful, but still kind of exhilarating! We reached the box office at 2:31 (thank goodness!) and the kind workers gave us our tickets. We made it just in the nick of time. Mamma Mia was absolutely incredible! The musical is ten times better than the movie. I know some of you are thinking “How is that possible? The movie is amazing! Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried rocked it!” But let me tell you, I thought that too, but then I saw the musical and it blew the movie out of the water! It was so incredibly good. I was literally dancing in my seat the entire song and I sang along to every single song. There was an old Spanish man sitting next to me and we danced to every song, it was so funny! After the musical, we went to Chinatown for dinner, and we ate at a very sketchy buffet restaurant for only 5.50 pounds per person. That’s a steal in London! It was delicious because we ate at almost 7 and I hadn’t eaten since 8:30 that morning. Chinatown was so fun! That was my Valentines Day in a nut shell, I hope everyone who reads this had an amazing Valentines Day as well! Thanks for reading!
With love,