Author: Dezzarae Arce

Program: CIS Summer in Greece

These pictures were taken in Athens, Greece, where graffiti is very common. It is also very common in other major cities of Greece. Here in Greece, graffiti is a way to express Athenians’ disagreement with government decisions and rulings. Currently, there is a big a conflict with society against the government of Greece involving the economic crisis and other political issues. Athenians stand up against the government through their graffiti artwork in the hopes of their message getting across. In most graffiti artwork, you will find power struggles and you will find an ‘A’ with a circle around it to symbolize pro-anarchy.

Taken in a neighborhood in Athens, Greece. Here you can see how the people of Athens feel helpless against the government and law enforcement.

Graffiti - 2

Found near a square in Athens right across from a residential area.

Graffiti - man in chicken suit

Here is a picture of a man who seems hopeless and starving. It was found on a side street of Athens close to one of its squares.

Graffiti - Man

Doors of homes covered in graffiti tags

Graffiti 3

The translation of this phrase is “Always contradictory and antisocial.” Right next to the women’s face on the left side you can see an anti-Nazi symbol instead of a traditional A with a circle around it.

Graffiti - woman

Depicted in a boy holding some sort of mask on his face while holding a bottle with his other hand.

Graffiti - child

This was taken on a street right before the main road in Athens.

Graffiti - baby

This was taken in Lykavittou, Athens, which is a mountain/hill. The phrase means “Lawless” which is very interesting because this was found at the top of the hill, and when looking over the city, you feel so free and lawless.

Graffiti 4