The signifying Muse poems at midnight

 excuse me

A frighten Alice is looking through the glass and cannot find a way out,
johnny is being told “if want to be a man,
you have to show everybody you have clout”
American says “We have a plan”
but it cannot stop the route of the peacemakers,
who think their notion of calm will disarm the hatred
and dissolve the fear, and nobody can hear that still soft voice,
and even if Christ appeared nobody would have the time to notice,
because everybody is in a hurry,and full of worry, nobody has the
strength to look within ,instead of without.
This world was made to give humanity one last chance,
to find a way to lance the boils of selfish, pain laced doubt,
and give relief to those who sleep on the cold grounds,
without the comfort of one un-distracted caring heart,
yet even if you stumble over me in the dark you have
created for yourself, be encouraged,
at least that’s a start.

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