Corona is here to stay how covid 19 impacts the African American community

                              Health care disparity in the African American community. Food deserts in a time of plague.  The pandemic is allowed to feed on poor people of color.


Food deserts in the inner cities.


Shortage of health care supports!



We must find ways to end the neglect and cruel disregard put on display by this event!

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African Americans and the Future of this Nation

Chicago’s New Mayor

Lori Lightfoot

The growing need for African American political leadership in these troubling political times!

Image result for African american political leaders in 2019

Image result for African american political leaders in 2019

United States senator Cory Booker

The demand for  ethical  leadership from African American politicians   in The United States is critical!!!

Image result for African american political leaders in 2019

Rep. Lauren Underwood, D-Ill., and other freshman House members leave Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Capitol office on Jan. 15. As of this year, 52 House members are black, up from just six in 1965. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

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The New Black Panther building identity through art and entertainment.

Image result for the black panther

We recognize the importance of this film  helping to build identity within the African American community.Related image

We also celebrate the sacrifice that allowed this film to be released within this nation and around the world.Image result for black panther party

Fred Hampton

Image result for black panther party

RYAN COOGLER Director of Marvel’s  Black Panther

Related image

We celebrate the work and effort of these young leaders within the African American Community.

WAKANDA come forth!Image result for black panther wakanda forever

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Black wall street needs to return

There was a time when African Americans invested in their own communities.

It is time to invest in our communities!!

Image result for black wall street oklahoma

Lupe Fiasco and Di Ann Eisnor Nieghbor hood start fund

Lupe Fiasco and Di Ann Eisnor Neighborhood fund

Image result for New investors in the Black community

Operation Hope

Image result for New investors in the Black community

Time to wake up and build together!

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Brave new world

The new president will demand a different kind of leadership from the African american community! The new Leadership in the African american community!

Image result for black lives matter leaders

The youth of today finding their voices on important issues !

Protesters at the University of Missouri react to the Nov. 9 resignation of system president Tim Wolfe, which was spurred by Black Lives Matter demonstrations

Person of the Year 2015 Runner-Up: Black Lives Matter

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Black Women Rock!

Michelle Obama

Celebrating   the tremendous contributions of African American women!

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Technology leaders of the future

Charles Hudson

Charles Hudson, partner at SoftTech VC

Majora Carter

Founder, Sustainable South Bronx, Startup Box: South Bronx

Jon Gosier

Founder and CEO, MetaLayer

Kimberly Bryant

Founder, BlackGirlsCode

Please explore this web site and see the future of African Americans in new technology!!!

Well Done Brothers and Sisters!!!

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African American General leads the fight against ISIS

Gen. Lloyd J. Austin: The Soldier Leading the Charge Against ISIS

‘Invisible soldier’ is heavily decorated Army general & first African-American CENTCOM commander

Thank you for your service!

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We must read this young brother’s Books and articles!

We must read the book Between the world and me! This young man helps our community get a perspective on the tremendous issue of subjugation and assimilation of people of color!

It is a good read!

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My face book poetry

Tell me a story….. of
What has transpired as a tired old cliche “America is the Disney land of the world”
and the “Culture of make believe” as some smart intelligent people try to conceive of part time justice, while those who are touched and sodden with the weeping souls of the children of the night take flight in the stories of long lost heroes and sheroes
Listen as tales are told of the times when things use to be good in the neighborhoods, and the street urchins would be looked after by Mamma Rose
an overweight, house dress, wig wearing, queen ,who did not have a mean streak anywhere in her body or spirit as the story goes , or Mr. Cook janitor supreme who played a mean game of checkers among other things, and watched us from his porch, as we ran from one block to the next. That kind of love stood the test of time. The crime in those days was if you did not speak and everyone learned to turn the other cheek by sharing what they had, nobody was mad at being poor and no one locked their doors in fear, cause the notion of friendship in the community was dear to the hearts and souls of everyone; well nobody thought it was fun to shoot up the block,people would knock before they entered and say please, caring for others was not a disease that you would try not to catch, and folks would not think you were crazy if you grew a garden and kept busy, lazy was an attitude left for the rich, we all had an responsibility to clean up the mess, this selfish world has made of our lives, and heroes and sheroes thrive on finding good to do. So we were told to not let the dust grow old on your behind, find good to do because this world with all its problems , cares and troubles and joys is wholly Holy thine. learn to care and love others is how you need to spend your time here and life is simple “Just be kind”
gjones summer 2015

Gregory Jones's photo.
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