Hello give PEACE in the World a Chance!!

Welcome the new police state tactic unveiled in Chicago at the recent NATO summit.

The use of overwhelming police presence and the show of force to instigate the possible threat of violence to repress the dissent of the USA demonstrators during the NATO summit.

This is a tactic we will see duplicated throughout urban

demonstrations around the country.


Police clash with USA citizens at NATO summit



When will we give this planet a chance?




There are two disasters that have happened that we need to be concerned  about.

The earth quake in Japan

Tsunami in Japan.

and the war in Libya!

These events are both disasters for the people and the land.

This page will be devoted to those on this planet concerned with removing violence and suffering from the human community. We must also consider the impact this violence is having on the planet.

The worst oil spill in the history of the world is on the gulf coast.

Why did we wait three days for the oil rig to burn and sink to the ocean floor before we decided it was a problem?

All life is sacred. The environment is a key player in the quest for peace in our lifetime.


We must stop playing at going green and start to concern ourselves with the health of all living things.


If we save the planet we save ourselves.


We must choose whom shall we serve each day.




ares_-_god_of_war_-_wallpaper.jpg screen4_large3.jpg gods-of-war-3.jpg

To live with these Gods of War takes a tremendous toll on the human lives and environment of this planet!!


We must discover other means to employ and serve our self interest other than violence in order to heal this planet!

As violence becomes the behavior of choice among western culture there will be an increase in pain and suffering world wide and the destruction of our environment.

Not only will we wreck havoc on our own culture and society we will also present the use of violence as the action of choice to the entire global community.

We cannot continue to teach the use of violence regarding our self interest as an option in our own society or in the global community. There must be  peaceful answers found to address the concerns surrounding our self interest.

The world look to us for understanding.

Teach them peace !!


Our collective goal must be peace in our lifetime and a life long commitment to the healing of the planet.

Only when we end the use of violence in the global community and within our own culture will be able to concentrate on the healing of the land.


Lets try to live as the creator would have intended.

Lets Care for somebody and something other than ourselves!


Lets work together for the good of all!


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