Gangland and Social Construction

The construction of Gang mentality belongs to modern Western Urban culture!

The development of gang culture is a part of the American social fabric!

We have participated in the social construction of these violence communities now inhabiting the urban centers of the world.

We cannot glorify violence and greed and reject our youth in post modern culture without a social cost!

At the heart of this costly issue is the selfish , attitudes that reflect the marginalization of our young people in American social construct.

The masses of American youth in our urban areas and around the world are seen as socially  dependent and misfits.

This rejection is reflected in the massive adoption of youth into gang culture.

It is a humanitarian problem that is reflected around the world!

The history of the United States reflects the celebration of this kind of thinking!

In Western culture there is a social norm that celebrates and glorifies

the use of force and deception to obtain and service self interest

The post modern social construction of gangs finds its origins in the obsession of the service of self interest in the Western European social construct.

The establishment of Gangster mentality is founded in nations serving their own interest at the cost of humanity.

Understanding the character and nature of

Gang culture.

This page is devoted to the examination of gang culture and its impact on socialization and the development of post modern  urban culture. The concept  of gangland culture is starting to be accepted as a norm in post modern urban industrial society.

Anywhere the use of the threat of violence and violence  is supported and condoned is a fertile ground for the use of gang organization as a approved method to survive.

If you breed poverty , violence and illiteracy you will also breed gang and gang violence.

Why has the idea of young people gathering as self identified  morally independent groups become accepted in society?

What does it mean to belong to a gang?

There are gang cultures all over the world.

There are Asian Gangs that have grown to be an influence on entire

social structures within their communities.


There are also Native American gangs on the reservations around this country! We need to take a serious look at the GANG CULTURE!

Gangs on the REZ

There is a generally passive response to the idea of gangs and groups of young people acting independent of social norms and values within the larger social constructs of urban culture.


There is even a glorification of the images of gangland ideological perspective deeply rooted within the socialization of western culture.

The acceptance of guidelines of behavior independent  of social norm and ethical standard is a popular theme in

American culture.


The breaking of the laws of society has become a a rite of passage for many young people involved or influenced by this perspective.


This has caused a critical problematic in the African American community and other communities of color within and beyond western European urban concentrations of human community.

Gangland has spread all over the global community but some of its beginning  can be found right here in America.

Orange  County gang


There is a connection to this gang world and the world of the gangs of the past in this country.

The entire country is connected to this historical and contemporary behavior in our social construct.

To address this concern we must address the entire society that enables gangs to be created.

Where do you stand.

Glen Park


Bandits Roost  Gang


Latin American Gang bust


Where  ever the urban culture can thrive so thrives the gang culture. There must be better answers for our youth in the inner city.

We must learn how to address these concerns or prepare for a serious issue in our urban areas of the future.


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