Violent wars are part of the history of Religious traditions.

We must discover how the teachings of Jesus Christ moved from compassion and mercy to religious  conflict.


The Templar Knights seal.

GOD  WILLS  IT!!!!!!!

This course is directed to the issues of Reform,Renewal and Reunion within  the Christian church.

We seek to expose the student to the major issues that impact the direction and future of the Global Christian church community.

We will focus concerns around the following issues :

Intolerance ,doctrinal differences, militarism and domination of cultural communities by the global Christian church.


Theology 345

Instructor Dr. Gregory A. Jones


The Church in the World

Course Description

The church in the world is a theological study of the life and mission of the church, with special emphasis on the movements for renewal, reform and reunion within the Christian Global community.

Objectives of this course:

Using “The Powers to Be” Students will learn how to identify aspects of personal growth as it applies to their understanding of the need for reform of the potential demonic nature of Church institutions and structures. This text will provide insight regarding Christian responsibility and collective movement toward the reformation of Christian communities in a global context. Special emphasis will be on the use of violence in these global Christian communities as an example of the need for reformation.

Using “The Presence of the Kingdom” Students will explore and interpret theologically the impact of this text on the values of traditional American society. Students should be able to analyze the methods that are suggested to the Christian community on how to establish a process of renewal of the common purposes of the faith tradition and remain faithful to the teachings of Christ.

Using parts of the text “The cost of discipleship” we will explore the diversity in the Christian movements toward reunion of the Christian community by several historical and contemporary Christian efforts within American religious culture. Students will be challenged to reflect on the meaning of basic sacraments and doctrines surrounding the common faith tradition.

 There are two text needed for this course;


The Presence of the Kingdom”

Jacques Ellul


“The Powers That Be”

Walter Wink




Grade division will be as follows

Group presentations 25%

Midterm Test 25%

Final test 25%

Attendance /Quizzes 25%

Religious Wars

We will study the history of religious conflicts within the global Christian community.

 Introduction of this course as an online hybrid class for 2009-2010.

 We will provide this course as an course vu Hybrid (both in class and  on line class) that will feature;

  1. Sign up and sign in course requirements.
  2. Daily course lessons  and activity itinerary.
  3. Internet site visitation interaction, and tracking requirement.
  4. Discussion thread and chat room interaction activity.
  5. Project research outline and tracking requirement and evaluation. (will include specifications for paper and research material).
  6. Independent or group  field trip experiences.
  7.  Online testing,tracking and evaluation methodology.
  8. Instructor led  online discussion and participation.
  9. Testing and evaluation models for course materials.
  10. One face to face contact gathering within the frame period of the course for course archive purposes only.
  11. Registration and first contact will be required before assess is granted.
  12. This hybrid is now under construction.
  13. Updates will be shared until activation of course prototype.
  14.  Contact us if you are interested in participating in the course on line


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